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Jul 31, 2013 . A rash that appears on the cheek and in front of an ear on one side of the face may indicate an allergic reaction from nickel or chromium found . Rashes, in general, are very common on the face. Often, these are the result of using. Folliculitis. Staphylococcal folliculitis is found on the scalp and cheek.Different types of skin rashes (dermatides) are common on the face due to cosmetic. This women had irritation of the scalp, ear and cheek from a " permanent . It is usually only on one side of the face. Treatment is with oral acyclovir. Dengue fever is a self-limiting viral disease with fever, itchy rash and small bleedings on  itchy, red patches with fluid-filled blisters that break easily; rash that wraps around the spine and torso; rash on the face and ears; may be accompanied by fever, . Nov 7, 2006 . Symptoms - Red rash about the same size on both sides of face around the sideburn area. Runs in front of lower part of ear all the way over to . 6 days ago . The face is the second most common site for shingles. A pimple-like rash usually erupts on one side of the face after several days of pain, . Aug 9, 2013 . What is a cheek rash? A cheek rash is an inflammatory reaction of the skin of the cheeks characterized by redness, bumps or swelling on.Aug 13, 2015 . List of disease causes of Rash on one cheek, patient stories, diagnostic guides. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and .
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