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The Texas constable is provided for in the Texas Constitution of 1876 (Article 5, Section 18),. . Complete records do not exist, but the most recent estimate is that at least ninety-three Texas co. While constables perform many of the same roles in justice courts that sheriffs do in surperior courts, and occasionally they may provide assistance to one . Mar 25, 2015 . As the District Attorney's Office takes on dozens of cases involving constables, AL .com decided to take a look at what constables do.I was never able to ascertain what exactly constables do in Texas.. Deing from Mississippi, our constables here are minor law enforcement . Temporary Restraining Order-an emergency remedy of brief duration that may be issued only in exceptional circumstances and only until the trial court can hear . The Constables and Sheriffs have similar duties and responsibilities by State Law but differ in the fact Constables do not patrol and generally do not investigate . Pennsylvania constables have the right in Pennsylvania to arrest by warrant and to. They perform services for the Pennsylvania Magisterial courts, but do not . They're supposed to serve legal papers, but Dallas County constables can—and, more than ever, do—act just like cops.For more complete information about the duties of a constable and other county. *Note the above courses are mandatory, but can be used as part of the 40 . What Does A Constable Do? Tennessee Constables are officers of the Tennessee Judicial System as prescribed by the State Constitution who are sworn and .

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