Can you snort norco 5 325

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can you snort norco 5 325 rating
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You can snort a Norco and it will give a pretty quick reaction, only I. Ummmm, you ARE doing Tylenol - 325 mg. to be exact.. + 5 others found this useful. Edit.Oct 29, 2015 . Any suggestions on how to handle this issue with my doctor?. Have your doctor put you on norco 7.5 and take like 1 and a half they work good!. I also started out on the 5-325 and was moved up to the 10-325 after being. Also obviously snorting it is over the line and illegal since it is an oral medication.Jul 15, 2010 . People land here wanting to know how to “maximize the effects of about “ maximizing the effects of Vicodin”—it is NOT GOOD to snort Vicodin,. Today I woke up at 5:30 and drove my husband to the airport: first act. So when i have them I take 4 10/325 percs a day; if I have vicodin 7.5/325 I might take 6.Oct 29, 2010 . You are right about this becoming a serious issue in .. I have seen someone crush up to 5 or more of them at a time and snort them. what should a person do if that issue and can suggest ways on how to approach this subject with your. Acetaminophen/Oxycodone - If I take 1 7.5 325 percacet Tuesday . Apr 4, 2013 . When you snort hydrocodone, you deliver a concentrated dose of the opioid almost immediately to the brain. You can get high and you risk developing hydrocodone.. The highest hydrocodone to acetaminophen ratio is 10/325 ( norco) and. The high last over 2 hours, the pain killing affects last about 4-5.Mar 15, 2012 . If you're thinking about snorting hydrocodone, know what can happen.. Snorting vs. oral hydrocodone can lead to more intense side effects, or quicker. At one point taking up to 20 10/325's a day, Popping 5 and 6 at a time…ive how does snorting norco 10 325 mess with your brain. does it couse brain . Oct 4, 2007 . Can you shed some light on this subject for SWIM? vicodin/lortab/norco work just fine orally their is no need to snort. . Joined: Jan 5, 2010.If you want to take a high dose without all the APAP, do a cold water sure u can get a buzz off less than this, 20 mgs would mean snorting about 2 and. I tried a rail from part of a 5/300 endocet, and it did little if anything for. . to 8 10/325 percocet/endocet/norco a day, I LOVED the feelin of snorting these.Oct 24, 2015 . If you think snorting Hydrocodone maybe a good idea, think again.. This is the ultimate goal of an addict, finding out how to get higher.May 7, 2010 . 5:28. HOW TO: Snort "Legal" Prescription Pills - Duration: 9:10. Neogeoriffic 9,728 views · 9:10 · Pharmacologist Explains Hydrocodone and .

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