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Oct 10, 2009 . The oral traditions involving the mountains Pinatubo and Arayat are quite vast, an. Oct 13, 2009 . Malyari, the Moon on Pinatubo, and Sinukuan, the Sun on Arayat.. . The body of m. There are probally multiple myths, but the one that I learned about is about a gas monster. There w. Jul 15, 2004 . Let's follow the chain of events that placed an American air base in the Phili. A big mountain -- actually a volcano -- called Pinatubo was west of Clark. Lately white columns of. Dec 21, 2009 . Dubbed by the local Aeta tribesmen as “Pinatubo Monsters,” these animals have sent. The response to the first query is invariably based on myth, and the answer to the considered t.


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