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Aug 13, 2015 . List of 11 disease causes of Behind knee rash, patient stories, diagnostic. Sharp surface skin pain on my knee · 2nd time-itchy red rash on . Apr 2, 2015 . Rashes on back of knees. They are sometimes itchy, and they get better and worse over time,. Also, eczema is common behind the knees.Sep 2, 2016 . The the basics on some common types of skin rashes, including different conditions in which skin is inflamed, red, scaly, and itchy.. In young TEENren, eczema is often seen on the elbows, knees, face, neck, and scalp.Aug 29, 2013 . You notice a red and white, raised welt on her tummy. occurs on the inner elbows and behind the knees in infants and young TEENren. . is a skin condition that causes a scaling, itching rash behind the knees and on the. A: Psoriasiform dermatitis is a condition involving raised thin ridges on the . Jan 14, 2010 . For the past 1 1/2 weeks i have had this rash like irritation on the back of my knee . It started off as a burning sensation, worse on the right than . May 12, 2015 . Rashes are common in TEENren but often leave parents puzzled. Atopic dermatitis is the most likely cause of a rash that develops behind a TEEN's knees.. This type of psoriasis causes slightly raised, reddish patches that . Intertrigo describes a rash in the flexures or body folds, such as behind the ears,. . Common in elbow and knee creases; Characterised by flares; Very itchy . Atopic dermatitis or eczema is an itchy, red, scaling oozing or crusting rash appearing in persons prone to asthma and hay fever. It runs in families. In infants, it .


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