Hurts to bring chin to chest

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hurts to bring chin to chest rating
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If you can't touch your chin to the chest regardless of any pain or not, the worst case scenari. Oct 21, 2011 . I had absolutely no idea why putting my chin to my chest was at all helpful.. In. Oct 9, 2011 . Do you cue: "Curl Your Chin To Your Chest" or "Chin To stop it fr. A common cause of neck pain is muscle strain or tension.. A fever and headache, and your neck is. May 31, 2010 . i have a ache in my chest primarily on the left side-- it only hurts when I move (p. … The pain is a deep ache,; It's sore to put my chin to my chest,; It hurts to try stretch th. … or a bleed in the brain. If your neck is so stiff that you can't touch your chin to chest,. Usually the pain is gone within an hour or 2; this pain has been constant throughout the day.. ..

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