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Clue Poems. Examples of clue poetry. View a list of, share, and read all types of CLUE poems with s. You can create some good clue based poetry as treasure hunt riddles with some. Treasure Hunt Rid. This simple one-line poem is an excellent example of the riddle-poem style. Good riddle-poems are t. Creative Secret Santa poems with lots of catchy sayings that will bring a smile to everyones face.This home poem clue hunt is perfect for parties, showers and hiding gifts.. sample home scavenge. Making Riddle Poems. Exploring riddles allows you to be a detective and a spy, following clues, and meaning from poems, such as prior knowledge, context clues,. Recognize the types of language (Ex. Hink Pinks are word puzzles that use two-word clues to lead to a rhyming solution. Whether TEENs are.

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