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A "genuine" moonshine recipe, as still being used by Deb Brewer is .. This is an old-timer recipe and works quite well. Our liquor is always 170-190 proof.Also find great recipes for Mango and strawberry moonshine, Maple Moonshine Butter Milk. 190 proof everclear , huckleberries, water, sugar , zest of 1 lemon.Mar 30, 2013 . Making moonshine by distillation of 50% store bought alcohol. Double distilled to the azeotrope of 95% other 5% is water. Making moonshine can be a dangerous undertaking, but if done with caution and. Finished moonshine is between 180 and 190 proof (90 to 95%) - practically . Oct 7, 2011 . If making moonshine is on your bucket list (things to do before you die), and. Just like any recipe, start by collecting all the necessary ingredients you'll need to. . Matty is wrong, 190 proof is 95%abv and 100 proof is 50%abv.Feb 27, 2014 . Whiskey Recipe Basics Whiskey is made from a variety of different grains by volume (190 proof) having the taste, aroma and characteristics . Sep 25, 2007 . Making moonshine is especially easy because running it through a still. If you're into the 170-190 proof stomach churning gut rot they call . Apr 20, 2011 . Moonshine Recipes, Exploring the History of Moonshine in the Appalachians.. 1 liter bottle of 190 proof moonshine or grain alcohol . I was looking for new recipes to try but yours is almost exactly mine i just add 5. .. why Everclear clocks in at 95% or 190 proof (in the states that high of a proof . Apr 20, 2011 . Apple Pie Moonshine - Here is a basic recipe for the legendary. To make apple pie moonshine, you can use 190 proof grain alcohol like .
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